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Connexion Bizarre update 2011-01-10

Connexion Bizarre

During the past week, Connexion Bizarre was updated with a label interview feature spotlighting dark ambient label First Fallen Star, several reviews and our weekly podcast, this time by guest artist Strange2 representing the Barcelona-based electronic label Lovethechaos.

"Connexion Bizarre Love(s)thechaos" with music selection by Strange2
Podcast tracklists


First Fallen Star - an interview with Mr. C.
The dichotomy of light and darkness, of good and evil, that exists in the universe is not a representation of opposition but of a relationship, as neither can be defined without the other. Indeed, the two are often so closely intertwined as to be indistinguishable, and incapable of surviving without one another. Our purpose here is no celebration of evil but instead an embrace of the darkness as an integral part of our souls. Where would Heaven be without Hell?


Koneyn – Transitional
"Transitional" is Koneyn’s debut solo release for Serbian label Elettronico and follows two self-released EPs – "Stormfields" and "Enclosed" – both issued during 2008. Released digitally and also as a limited pre-order edition in nicely produced handmade packaging, "Transitional" consists of five fairly short tracks covering a 20-minute duration.

Napalmed – iii
By the 80-minute mark it’s a powerful experience, but brings with it the usual frustrations of single-track albums: artists who release these obviously want you to experience their work as single block yet make this very hard when they deliberately or accidentally include elements that disrupt or block the flow of the whole and leave you wanting to make your own edit.

Access to Arasaka – void();
For those familiar with Access to Arasaka (or this kind of aesthetic), and despite its quality and the fact that it provides a pleasing and solidly rewarding listening experience, "void();" can hardly be said to be a surprising release. But for those unfamiliar, Access to Arasaka can open up some interesting aural vistas.

Dirk Geiger – Autumn Fields
Dirk Geiger’s first release on Tympanik Audio was something of a surprise, once given the chance to properly sink in. A fluid blend of glitch, IDM and field-recordings from daily life, this album can be something of an immersive experience, all it requires are the right mindset and listening conditions to click.

Kinetix / Pyl– Sonology
Both artists are masters of subtle movement and minuscule fluctuations, and both also express an aesthetic that escapes the constraints of time, casting the listener into uncharted depths filled with drones and half-formed sentience. "Sonology" is an excursion in perception and sublimity, and a fine example of artistic alignment.

Parhelion – Midnight Sun
"Midnight Sun" wastes no time; upon its opening it immediately thrusts the listener into the crushing icy winds of the vacant arctic tundra on the curiously named "Tunturia (part II)" (any guess as to where part I exists is as...

Recommended Netlabel Releases
Jason Forrest "Utopia EP" (Deathbomb Arc)
Mental D-struction "Extrapolation(Wildness Records)
the People's Republic Of Europe "Gothic Ass"
Sickboy "Tweencore" (Cock Rock Disco)
Sy9 "Instances" (Absetzer)
TSIDMZ vs. Narog "Conflagratio" (Hesperus Records)
Various "Researching Networks" (Abstrakt Reflections)
Various "Snowflakes" (Raumklang)

And that's about it for this week's update. More to come next week...
All the best,
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